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Touring – it's a great way to explore in total comfort

Touring is not simply a holiday choice, it’s an exciting, involving way to enjoy your leisure time. You’ll soon be visiting new places, making new friends and getting more out of life.


Why take up touring?

Most people start touring because they want to take control, finding that impersonal hotel packages, the hit-and-miss quality of B&Bs or even static caravans can lead to disappointing holidays. Perhaps they’re fed up with waiting in airport lounges for delayed flights, and the stress of lost luggage and security checks.


Explore the country

If you love exploring the countryside, what better way than to pack your stuff into your very own home-from-home, and get up and go?


Where & when you want


Stick a pin in a map and there’s likely to be a place to welcome you and your caravan or motorhome nearby. Perhaps a quiet location near a beauty spot, a family friendly place close to a popular theme park, or by the seaside with a sandy beach.


Get more out of life

If you enjoy discovering historic buildings, or have an interest such as fishing or birdwatching, touring is the perfect way to spend more time out doing the things you love. All year round touring, even in the winter, is entirely possible, as today’s caravans and motorhomes have efficient heating.


Touring abroad


For a really big adventure, how about touring on the Continent? It’s easier than you think, as mainland Europe is even more into caravanning than we are.

It’s a comfortable way to see the sights and explore. You’ll find many modern caravans and motorhomes are fitted with air conditioning too.

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