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What can my car tow

Will you need a new car?

Perhaps you’re considering taking up touring with a caravan. One thing which will considerably affect the cost of starting out, is whether you have to buy a new car to tow it. So, how do you discover if that’s the case or not?


Your average saloon

The good news is that a typical family caravan, costing new around £10,000, could be towed by something like a Volkswagen Passat 1.9 diesel with no trouble at all. If you do decide to buy a car specifically for the purpose of towing download the Caravan Club’s leaflet ‘thinking of buying a tow car


The 85% Principle

There’s a simple calculation to find out if your car is a suitable towing vehicle. You can also get an outfit matching service from The Caravan Club which might help you.

Discover the kerbweight of your car from the manual, then the weight of the caravan you’re considering, with an average load on board. Car manufacturers specify a maximum safe towing limit.

Divide the caravan weight by the car’s and if the figure is 85% or less, then that outfit’s completely safe to use in most circumstances.


Keep it safe

This figure is a recommendation and not a legal requirement. However an unsafe combination is not legal, so you should be aware of this guidance. Basically, the heavier the towcar in relation to the caravan, the safer the outfit is going to be.

If you have decided to match your caravan to your existing car The Caravan Club have some helpful leaflets. To make an informed decision you can download the PDFs ‘choosing a caravan’ and ‘choosing a second-hand caravan’.


Outfit Matching Service

Fortunately there are even easier ways than doing it yourself to get the calculation done. You could go to the The Caravan Club’s website or find a dealer to do all the calculations for you.

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