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Q. Won’t I need a special licence?

A. No, it’s very unlikely you’ll need a special licence unless you’re planning on towing and driving a very large caravan or motorhome weighing over 3,500kg, but if you’re really worried there’s detailed info about the licensing laws here.

Q. Will I need to buy a new car?

A. No, probably not, most family cars are perfectly capable of safely towing an average caravan, all you’ll need is a towbar and some extra overtaking mirrors. Find out more here or download the leaflet ‘thinking of buying a tow car

Q. I don’t think I’d be very good at towing, is there anywhere I can learn?

A. Towing is probably easier than you think. Have a look here to get a good overview. If you feel you’d like some expert instruction The Caravan Club offer various courses.

Q. Where am I going to store my touring vehicle?

A. You might well be able to keep it on your driveway at home, if you have room (and your local bylaws allow), but if you can’t, there are plenty of other options. Have a look at our storage page or download the leaflet ‘Storing your caravan or motor caravan’ to learn more

Q. I’ve been caravanning before, I missed my telly and it’s not very comfortable is it?

A. Touring has come a long way in the last few years. Modern outfits have all the latest home comforts including flat-screen TVs, hot and cold running water, gas hobs and much, much, more. Have a quick peek here at a modern interior and learn more about what’s available on our home comforts page

Q. Can I go abroad?

A. Yes, and it’s easier than you think. Mainland Europe is even more into touring than us. For more detailed information visit The Caravan Club website or download the leaflet First time abroad

Q . What about my dog?

A. It’s no problem at all. That’s the great thing about touring, the whole family can join in the fun including your dog. Touring takes away the worry and expense of sorting out pet care because you can just bring them along too.

Q. Isn’t caravanning bad for the environment?

A. Not at all, in fact compared to a plane or coach trip it’s the greenest option. Learn more here

Q. I don’t think I can afford touring, isn’t it expensive?

A. There are loads of options to suit all pockets. Find out more here or visit the The Caravan Club website for more detailed information on insurance and finance

You can also pick up some real bargains at ‘Caravan Club Classifieds’.

Q. I don’t like the idea of sharing a campsite with loads of people, where can I go to get away from it all?

A. There are loads of Certificated Locations up and down the country offering secluded and tranquil pitches that allow only five pitches (maximum) at any one time. More often than not you’ll be the only ‘van there.

Q. I love surfing/fishing/painting/hiking/biking and all sorts of other activities. What about all my kit?

A. Touring is the best holiday option for you then. There’s loads of space in a caravan or motorhome to take all your equipment and more. There are also plenty of sites that offer courses in all manner of interests if you want to hone your skills. Find out more here.


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