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Types of Motorhome

Versatile vehicles that bring you superb lving space without having to tow


Motorhome design

There are three distinct types of motor caravan:


There are four different types of conversion motorhome: A fixed roof – a basic type of van. An elevating roof – a step-up from the fixed roof, with a pop-top for added space. A high top – a permanently raised roof in place of the vehicle’s original one. And finally, the micro-motor caravans/car-derived van conversions – small motorhomes that can double as your day-to-day car.





There are two main types of coachbuilt motorhomes: An over-cab (or Luton) – which is a large vehicle where the body extends over the driver area with a double berth or a Low profile – slightly smaller, with storage cupboards over the cab.


The A-class

These are effectively very large homes on wheels. They are completely coachbuilt with nothing of the original van bodywork or cab exterior unlike the coachbuilts above. There’s loads of space in these motorhomes and they’re really luxurious just as the name suggests.


Try before you buy


To get a really good idea of what’s around, why not pop along to a motorhome dealer and see what’s out there? Take a look at the different types of motorhome layout and try to imagine yourself using them on a daily basis. Dealers are happy for you to walk around inside some motorhomes and get a feel for what would best suit you. You’ll soon get a good idea of what’s practical for your lifestyle. You can take a look at The Caravan Club Dealer List to see what would suit you.

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