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Go Green...Go Touring

Touring is a wonderful way to get close to nature and we know how important it is to ensure that future generations get the same opportunities to enjoy our beautiful countryside. We encourage everyone to tour because it really is one of the greenest options for a holiday.


Avoid airport queues and get real economy

We recently compared the effect of a caravan touring holiday with plane and coach trips and caravanning came out on top. Touring is far less environmentally damaging.

In a test to find out the petrol consumption of a typical car towing a caravan, (a Ford Focus 1.6 Econetic, towing a five-berth caravan from British maker Lunar Caravans) toured Europe covering over 1,500 miles. After touring 9 countries they discovered that the average consumption was a staggeringly efficient 36 miles per gallon or 7.85 litres per 100km, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint than going on a fuel guzzling plane or coach.


Nature first

Many sites have been created in harmony with the natural environment. Before development, an ecological survey of the site may identify areas to be approached with minimum intervention, to protect valuable wildlife.

Planting trees helps maintain natural habitat and setting aside areas, such as wildflower meadows, allows natural continuity. A sympathetic approach, recognising and protecting the essential character of the land, while integrating essential facilities is the aim.


Renewable energy

The latest Caravan Club Sites incorporate energy saving features such as solar panels to heat water and geo-thermal energy for heating. Grey water is recycled and photo-voltaic cells transfer the sun's radiation into electricity.

Heat recovery systems and wind turbines may be utilised on site too. Energy savings, monitored on a display panel so visitors can see the environmental effect, can also be seen.


Boosting biodiversity


The Caravan Club's commitment to enhance the environment has resulted in 36 'Boosting Biodiversity Sites' that help members and wardens get more from their surroundings.

The Caravan Club has teamed up with the RSPB to protect the song thrush, as the habitat on many Caravan Club Sites is suitable.

Discover more about The Club's commitment to environmental issues and how you can enjoy a greener holiday.

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