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Where will I keep it?

Think about where you’ll put your touring vehicle when it’s not in use. If you buy a motorhome this may not be so much of an issue. Have you room for a caravan in your drive, assuming your local byelaws allow you to?

There are various storage facilities available but you might want to consider where is most convenient for you.

Do you use your touring vehicle to travel all over the UK? In which case you may want it close to your home so you don’t have far to go to pick it up so you can be swiftly on your way.

You might have a favourite site that you always go back to, in which case it would be worth investigating storage facilities on or near the site, saving you on fuel.

Perhaps you go touring abroad regularly, in which case a storage facility near a port might be the most convenient option.

Fortunately The Caravan Club has almost 3000 storage pitches within compounds on Club Sites, providing security and convenience at a reasonable cost and under the care of a Club Warden. There is a choice between all year storage pitches available on a number of sites or seasonal storage, where members can store their caravans for specified periods. You can also visit the Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association.


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