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Motorhomes are as easy to drive as a car

Unless you choose a huge motor caravan they really are as easy and pleasant to drive as a car.


Versatile seating

The cab of your motorhome is just like being in a car, except that, in many cases, you can swivel the seats around to face rearwards when parked, for use as part of the living accommodation.


Higher and wider


In taller models you will need to note any height restrictions on the road, and obviously with longer and wider vehicles some caution may be necessary in confined spaces.

For help choosing your motorhome download The Caravan Club’s leaflet ‘Choosing a motorhome


Courses & DVDs

Why not take one of the Caravan Club manoeuvring courses? There are inexpensive courses for both caravan towing and driving motorhomes.


Driving skills

They're relaxed and informal, and also great fun! You'll come away with confidence in your driving skills in almost any situation you're likely to come across.

If you don't fancy going on a course then there are DVDs available too.

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