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Making it your own

How to decide which layout will suit your style of holiday


Choosing a layout

At first sight, the available options for the layout of the interior, whether of a caravan or a motor caravan, are bewildering. Here we’ll try to simplify the process, so you can make an informed decision.


How many berths?

How many people are going touring with you? Not just how many children you may have, but is it possible you’d want to take relatives, maybe grandchildren, or friends along in the future?

If you choose a very large caravan there’s more of a possibility that a larger tow vehicle may be required.

Of course, it is all very simple if you’re a couple who will always be touring on your own. You simply need to decide if you prefer a double or two single beds.


And so to bed...

In the world of caravanning, one of the options is to have beds that double as seating during the day.

If you’ve already decided on the number of berths you need, it’s most likely this decision will be based on your budget.


Fixed or seat beds?

While seat-beds are still popular, there’s a move towards fixed beds these days to avoid having to make beds up. Some people think permanent beds are a waste of living space, but it can allow for a better quality of mattress as there’s no mechanism to accommodate.


Bunk beds

Bunk beds are great for the kids, they love them! They are a common sight in larger caravans and motorhomes and an option well worth considering.


The popular choice

A popular choice in newer caravans is a fixed double bed, often right at the back of the tourer, and a dining area at the front which you can convert into sleeping quarters when needed. This arrangement could suit a couple, who might have occasional guests, or a family of four, equally well.

For additional help in choosing the right home-from-home for you, download The Caravan Club’s leaflets, ‘Choosing a caravan’, ‘Choosing a second-hand caravan’ and ‘Choosing a motor caravan’.

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