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Kitchens, showers and loos

How to decided which layout will suit your style of holiday


The kitchen in a modern caravan or motorhome is a masterpiece of space utilisation. You’ll be staggered by the amount of kit that can be fitted into them, and by how easy they are to use.

There are kitchen units above the work surfaces, a proper, sometimes dual fuel, cooker with hob and oven, possibly a microwave as well as a fridge, and a sink with a mixer tap.


Arrangement design options

It’s worth thinking about how you are going to use your caravan or motorhome, and others who may be using the facilities. The following points are worth considering and should help you make the right decision.


End kitchens

  • Allows room to move around in the main living area
  • The main door will help with ventilation
  • Rear window allows unobstructed vision when towing
  • The doorway can be obstructed when the kitchen is in use


Corner kitchens

  • Loads of work surfaces
  • More space in the living area


Side kitchens

  • Compact design
  • Can create congestion from people trying to get past the cook
  • May not offer much work surface



Wet room

  • Often designed for disabled access
  • If not designed well can mean soggy towels

Free standing shower

  • Great for privacy
  • Can take up valuable space


Some layouts only provide access to the washing facilities through the main bedroom. This may not be ideal for some, though for a couple it may suit them perfectly. You’ll get more privacy, as you’re not stepping from the shower straight into the living room.

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