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Getting Started

Towing a caravan is a doddle, driving a motorhome a pleasure...


Just get in your car or motorhome and go

You don’t have to wait for a flight, or a train, or a ferry, or a coach, you choose exactly where you go and when. It’s so easy to hitch up your caravan to your towcar, after all, thousands of drivers do it every year, and if they can do it so can you.

It is no more difficult to tow than to drive solo. You just need to be aware of the extra length a caravan adds. Simply allow a little more time and space for cornering, overtaking and braking. It’s easy to get the knack of reversing too, a couple of practice tries and you’ll soon be a master at it.


Manoeuvring Courses

If you still have some doubts about the simplicity of driving a touring vehicle, The Caravan Club is on hand to reassure you. You could take one of the many manoeuvring courses for caravans and motorhomes available to beginners. These can make a really enjoyable day out, and will readily instill confidence in your driving skills.


Further Information

Download one of our helpful leaflets, 'Choosing a Caravan' or 'Choosing a Motorhome'

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