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Caravans are easy to tow

Towing is easy

If you’re sceptical about the ease of towing a caravan, or have doubts about driving a motorhome, let us reassure you straight away.


If they do it, so can you


So many owners happily use their caravans regularly. It gives you some idea of how easy it is to tow.


A little more care

You just need to take a little more care cornering, braking and accelerating smoothly, to allow the trailer to follow the car safely.



Reversing might seem a little scary, but there’s a simple trick to it, which once learned, will have you expert at manoeuvring very quickly.


Courses & DVDs


Why not take one of the manoeuvring courses available from The Caravan Club? There are inexpensive courses for both caravan towing and driving motorhomes.

The courses are relaxed and informal, and also great fun. You’ll come away with confidence in your driving skills in almost any situation you’re likely to come across.

If you don’t fancy going on a course then there are DVDs available too.

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