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Caravan layouts

There's so much choice, there's bound to be a layout perfect for your lifestyle


Take a look at these examples of caravan layout and try to imagine yourself using them on a daily basis. You’ll soon get a good idea of what’s practical for your lifestyle. These are not by any means all the possible layouts available.


A permanent bed layout normally consists of a rear double bed like this one, but recently some come with fixed single beds in pairs. The side kitchen layout can sometimes create congestion, both from people passing behind the cook and from those accessing the washroom when it’s located opposite the kitchen as it is here.


The end washroom puts all the dressing, washing, changing and toilet facilities in one place, though at the expense of overall length. The design offers better privacy, since you’re not stepping through a bedroom to reach it. It does however mean you lack the assistance of the rear view window when towing. This layout has a double dinette which is great for a family of four. The side dinette of this layout makes up into narrow beds best suited to children. This is also a popular layout for couples wanting some extra space and the option of leaving the front dinette made up as a double bed.


This combines an end washroom and permanent bed, which offers greater space for the living and kitchen areas. This can cause some privacy issues though if you have more people staying in the caravan, than you and a partner, they may want to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, which they would need to access via the bedroom.


This layout has an end kitchen that creates more room for the dinette. While the doorway can get obstructed when the kitchen is in use, the bonus is, that the main door will help with ventilation and the rear window allows through-vision when towing.


Visit a caravan dealer

To get a really good idea of what’s around, why not pop along to a caravan dealer and see what’s out there?

They'll be happy for you to walk around inside the caravans to get a feel for which would best suit you. You can find a dealer near you on The Caravan Club's website.

You can also download The Caravan Club’s leaflets, ‘choosing a caravan’, and choosing a second-hand caravan

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